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This website deals specifically with the concept of “Idea Growing”.  It aims to support our local Design & Technology pupils and teachers in conceptualizing design ideas.  “Idea Growing”, here, is taken as part of the design process.  “Idea Growing” or “Idea Conceptualization” focuses on design idea formulation.  This is one of the stages of the design process.  It must, however, be noted that the development of an idea may also happen concurrently during the idea conceptualization or “Idea Growing” stage.

Other aspects or stages of the design process like research, development, planning, model making, macquette making, etc. that are of equal importance are not shown here.  E.g. one may embark on research work related to the design situation, research work on visual references, etc. before “Idea Growing” or vice versa.

Some of the slide shows may not show the entire complete process of “Idea Growing”.  The primary focus here is to give a flavour of how I go about conceptualizing ideas.

Some of the approaches are basic that use design templates as a guide and some are more than basics that may come across as random and intuitive.  The latter may have lots of research prior to the idea conceptualisation that are not shown here. 

Do use the slide shows carefully and to your advantage, and take it as a form of motivation to move on to ideating yourselves. 

Your comments on the slide shows and renderings are most welcome.

Happy Idea Growing!

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July 2010

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